KUALA LUMPUR (Scrap Monster): The recently released imports statistics indicate that Malaysia’s scrap imports grew by 8% year-on-year during the eleven-month period from January to November in 2013.
The country’s scrap imports during the above mentioned period totaled 1.82 million tons. The July imports have witnessed a sharp rise of 7.8% over the imports during the corresponding eleven-month period in 2012.
During January to November, Malaysia imported 575,000 tons of scrap from the US. The scrap imports from the US sky declined by 12.2% year-on-year. The scrap imports from South Africa totaled 377,000 tons, higher by 11.5% when compared to the imports during Jan-Nov 2012.The scrap imports from Singapore during the eleven-month period this year climbed 9.1% over the year to 300,000 tons.
The average monthly scrap imports by the country amounted to 166,000 tons. The country’s cumulative scrap imports for the entire year 2013 are estimated at nearly 1.99 million tons. Scrap Monster

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